I am Tirthankar Chakraborty (commonly known as TC), a Ph.D. candidate at the Yale School of the Environment with a focus on Earth & Environmental Science. My broad research interests are in understanding how the exchange of moisture and energy between the land surface and the atmosphere influences local weather and climate; and in particular, the influence of highly heterogeneous terrain, like cities, on boundary layer dynamics.

I think cities will be the nexus of climate adaptation in the future and am very interested in the urban heat island effect and its mitigation. For my PhD at Yale, I am working with Prof. Xuhui Lee and investigating the biophysical impacts of aerosols on surface climate by combining theory and global climate modeling. As an extension of this work, I am using supervised learning algorithms to bias-correct gridded radiation fields in reanalysis products.

While I have done field and lab work in the past, my current research involves sitting in front of the computer and coding. I have expertise in running numerical weather prediction and climate models, analyzing climate reanalysis datasets, satellite remote sensing, and machine learning.

Over the last few years, I have been using the Google Earth Engine platform for large-scale geospatial analysis and algorithm development, and occasionally offer a workshop on its Javascript API. I have used this platform to develop web applications to visualize and disseminate global-scale geospatial datasets. I have also written community tutorials on using the platform (Beginner's Cookbook, Customizing Base Map Styles).

If you want to collaborate or want more information about my work, check out my projects and publications or reach out to me through: